Trek Virtual Panels Now Online

COVID-19 may have caused Star Trek in-person conventions to be cancelled, but virtual conventions are going strong and several panels from these conventions are now online for fans to enjoy.

Courtesy of TrekMovie‘s research, here are the YouTube links for three of the events.

First is InHouse Con, which took place last month. There are two videos below from InHouse Con. The videos feature Doug Jones, Patrick Kwok-Choon, Raven Dauda, and Hannah Cheesman. Part 1 is 36:47 long and Part 2 is 59:02 long.

Next up is the GalaxyCon panel, also held in May, which featured Brent Spiner and Marina Sirtis. This video has a 49:25 run time.

Finally, Deep Space Nine fans will enjoy a Sid City Social Club video. Alexander Siddig was joined by DS9 co-star Nana Visitor for a chat that lasted almost an hour and a half. Topics included DS9, books, cooking and more! Django, Sid and Nana’s son also joined the chat briefly. The chat ends with a Q&A with fan fiction author/artist Elmie.

Source: TrekMovie

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