Isaacs: Prime Lorca Could Appear In Star Trek

Jason Isaacs‘ Mirror Universe Gabriel Lorca is dead, but it’s entirely possible that Prime Lorca could appear in Star Trek.

Speaking to Empire Film in a podcast, Isaacs was open to returning as Prime Lorca. “Where is Prime Lorca? Well, I admit that we talk,” he said. “It’s not like when Mirror Lorca bit the bullet there wasn’t a clamoring for Prime Lorca, but the thing is, it has got to be a great story. Pike is already there! We know what he is like. We have seen him and he’s great. We don’t know who Prime Lorca is.

“If he is Mirror Lorca’s Frank Spencer-like [wimpish character from a British sitcom] cousin, then nobody wants to spend time with him. He is going to have to be as interesting, as ballsy, and you have to find him a ship and find him a context to bring him into a story. So, we talk.

“And when and if we come up with something we think is fabulous I will happily go on a starvation diet required to slip into the snakeskin uniform again.”

Source: I09

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