Dramaversity Offers Frakes Masterclass

On Wednesday, July 1, Dramaversity is offering a one-hour masterclass featuring Jonathan Frakes. Plus: Michael Dorn masterclass on July 8.

Here is a description of the event: “…In this very special LIVE, one-hour virtual Zoom class, Jonathan will share insight and stories from his diverse career spent both in front and behind the camera as an actor, producer and director (as well as voice actor for animation and video games), with class attendees getting to personally ask Jonathan questions.”

The event will take place at 9:00 PM EDT and last for an hour. To sign up, head to the link located here. Don’t hesitate, as the class is almost full. This Frakes masterclass will cost $39.00.

Michael Dorn will also be offering a class through Dramaversity the very next week after Frakes.

“This should be entertaining and informative,” Dorn said via his Twitter account. “Especially to those individuals who wish to pursue a career in entertainment or who just want to see what the business is all about.”

Source: Dramaversity

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