Biggs’ And Comb’s Chemistry Led To More DS9 Appearances

Casey Biggs (Damar) and Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Brunt) were two guest stars on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine who were often seen together in scenes, and that was partly due to the chemistry between the actors.

In an interview with TrekMovie, the actors acknowledged that chemistry. “We just have great chemistry, don’t we Jeff?” said Biggs.

“We did have,” said Combs. “Case and I are both peers, same age, went through theater training together. So, we kind of had a harmony there and understanding of how to work a scene and support each other. It was pretty damn seamless and easy, wasn’t it Case?”

“They saw we had good chemistry together to begin with, and they were both really great characters in their respective universes,” said Biggs. “What happened when we came together, we just worked really well off each other.”

“Case and I understand that to make a scene interesting or a character interesting, there always has to be some kind of conflict,” said Combs. “A problem to deal with or solve to put up with. They knew that. They were constantly having me say things that annoyed the shit out of Casey, and vice versa. So, we knew not only how to play our own, but react to what the other is doing.”

The actors didn’t know that they would be there for more than one episode.

“I thought I was literally just one episode,” said Biggs.

“With the Tiron character I thought, good I now auditioned two or three times and finally got it, so good I got a one-er here,” said Combs. “Let’s do this one thing. I didn’t realize that fate and synchronicity played a part here. It just so happens that my friend René Auberjonois — I love him to death, to the ends of the Earth and beyond — he was getting ready to direct his very first episode, it was a Ferengi episode. I had done theater with him and he suggested that I play Brunt. The producers sort of resisted that, but they said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ That started a recurrence with Brunt and then they came to me with Weyoun. Without these little happy accidents, we wouldn’t be talking at all.”

Biggs and Combs will be seen together this Saturday, June 6, at the Creation Entertainment Virtual Fan Experience, where they will do a live panel and Q&A.

More of the interview, which includes Combs talking about his days on Star Trek: Enterprise, can be seen at TrekMovie.

Source: TrekMovie

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