Dynarski Passes

Eugene (Gene) Dynarski, best-known to original series fans as Ben Childress on Mudd’s Woman, has died at the age of eighty-six at a rehabilitation center in Studio City, California.

Dynarski was also seen in other Trek episodes, including The Mark of Gideon (Krodak) and in The Next Generation‘s 11001001 (Cmdr. Orfil Quinteros).

Born in 1933 in Brooklyn, NY, Dynarski began his acting career in 1965 and could be seen in shows and movies such as Duel, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Seinfeld (Izzy Mandelbaum Jr.), Batman, Adam-12, Voyager to the Bottom of the Sea, Mission: Impossible, X-Files, Ben Casey, Hill Street Blues, Banacek, Bonanza, Kojak, The A-Team and more.

In 1979, Dynarski opened the Gene Dynarski Theatre, located near Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue in Los Angeles. It was open through the mid-1990s and actors such as Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, and Elisabeth Shue performed there.

Dynarski is survived by two daughters.

Source: Variety

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