Stewart And Pill Tease Fans On The Ready Room

A day after the season finale of Star Trek: Picard aired on CBS All Access, Sir Patrick Stewart and Alison Pill appeared on the Ready Room, which is hosted by Wil Wheaton.

The duo teased both Wheaton and the fans by talking about hints that they’ve heard about the next season.

“I have no idea where we’re going,” said Stewart. “We’re on that ship and we’re heading out. Little hints have been dropped.”

“Very exciting hints,” said Pill.

“One in particular…extraordinarily exciting,” said Stewart, who would not elaborate when asked by Wheaton.

Stewart explained why, other than the usual Trek secrecy, he wouldn’t provide more details. “It may not come about,” he said. “There may be a lot of disappointment.”

Akiva (Goldsman) told me something about Jurati that is very exciting,” said Pill.

Fans can expect Season Two to stream next year.

Source: The Ready Room

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