Evagora: Stewart Eased My Fears

For Evan Evagora, who plays the sword-wielding Romulan Elnor, his first day of filming was made much easier by Sir Patrick Stewart.

“I was kinda terrified, obviously,” said Evagora about meeting the star of the show. “It was, like, the worst first meeting ever. On my first day of filming, I felt so very nervous. And Patrick, he just — he took me aside because he could tell. But it’s not like he told me a story about being nervous or anything like that. He just helped me feel at ease and more comfortable, just by talking to me.”

“He really loves being in the ensemble,” added Evagora. “And not just the cast, but the entire crew. He — we’re all equals and he sets that tone every day.”

So far, Evagora’s favorite time with Stewart was on “a day when I was sitting across from Alison Pill and Patrick filming a scene, and those two together — I was watching them and forgetting I was even being filmed. I just sat there, like I was an audience member, watching them. Just enjoying it.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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