Chabon Answers Fan Questions About Star Trek: Picard

After the finale of Star Trek: Picard, Michael Chabon answered questions fans had about the show, including some dangling story threads.  Of course there will be spoilers ahead.

When it comes to some of those loose ends from the finale, one of them was the fate of Narek, who was last seen captured by the Synths. What happened to him?

“Yeah. Narek. We know, we know,” said Chabon. “A casualty of the editorial process, alas. The intention was for him to be taken into Federation custody.”

Many wanted to know what became of the xBs in the crashed Borg cube. “We shot a scene intended to show Ramdha and other xBs beginning to form a kind of community with the Synths under the auspices of Soong. In the end, we couldn’t find a place for it that worked and we felt that losing it didn’t hurt too much. Maybe we were wrong!”

Another question regarded the time gap between Picard’s transfer into his new body and the final scene of the finale. It was “long enough for loose ends to be tied up, the xBs to be seen to and their safety arranged, Raffi and Seven to hook up, [and] Jurati to hire a lawyer,” said Chabon.

Was the end moment between Seven and Raffi romantic? Was there foreshadowing that I missed?

“To both questions: apparently so,” said Chabon.

Will the show deal with the philosophical implications of Picard’s golemic return?

“Will it, indeed,” said Chabon.

Is Picard bothered being in a Synth body considering his past as an xB? Is the golem 100% organic?

“He is as likely, perhaps more likely, to feel liberated by it, since it was never violated,” said Chabon. “And yes, his body was organically cultured and grown.”

Did they maybe give Picard some extra years without telling him?”

“It’s just a guess, ultimately. His mileage may vary,” said Chabon.

Another fan wanted to know if Soong would get another golem, since the one built for him was given to Picard.

“Probably,” said Chabon.

There are many more questions and answers that can be found on Chabon’s Instagram. If you’re not following it, you should be!

Source: Michael Chabon's Instagram

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