Vann Joins Star Trek: Picard

A new actress has joined Star Trek: Picard, and those who saw next week’s preview for Absolute Candor have already seen her. Note: mild spoilers ahead so if you’re avoiding them, you’ve been warned.

The newcomer is Amirah Vann. She has taken on the role of Zani, a member of the Qowat Milat, a “fierce all-female Romulan religious order” living on the Romulan colony planet Vashti.

Zani was “instrumental in the life of the Evan Evagora-portrayed Elnor.”

Vann has been seen before in WGN America‘s Underground as Ernestine the head house slave of the Macon plantation, and as Special Agent Jazzma Fey on Major Crimes. Last year, she portrayed corporate lawyer Parker Campbell on OWN‘s Queen Sugar drama, and in Miss Virginia as Shondae Smith.

Source: Deadline

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