Saldana Joins Fencing Drama

Star Trek: Beyond‘s Zoe Saldana had joined Jasmine McGlade‘s Fencer.

She will take on the role of Mae in the drama. Mae is “an ambitious female athlete facing personal demons and childhood rivals as she vies for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team,” who “competes to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics,” but “a tragic accident leads [her] to question everything about her life and fencing career as a life-long ambition weighs heavy on her shoulders and her greatest goal lies within reach.”

Fencer is “inspired by McGlade’s experiences as a national champion fencer. McGlade capped her tenure at Harvard University by leading her team to the school’s first-ever NCAA championship title in fencing.”

“As a writer and filmmaker I seek to tell brazen, character-driven stories about people who are flawed, and thus real,” said McGlade. “Especially women. Characters who are their own worst enemies and yet incredibly resilient.

Fencer is a celebration of perseverance and sacrifice, while also a cautionary tale about the dangers of getting one’s sense of worth and security solely through achievement and external validation. Fencer will provide one of the screen’s first realistic glimpses into the thrilling world of fencing, much more demanding and diverse than stereotypes may suggest, and an intimate and intense look into the minds and lives of female athletes.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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