Conway Passes

Kevin Conway, best-known to Trek fans for his portrayal of Kahless in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Rightful Heir, is dead at the age of seventy-seven.

Conway died on February 5 of a heart attack according to his manager.

Born in New York City, Conway began acting at the age of twenty-four, appearing on off-Broadway plays such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s News and the Elephant Man.

His first on-screen appearance was in 1972’s Slaughterhouse Five. He was seen in the superb (your reporter’s favorite movie ever) Gettysburg, where he played Sgt. Buster Kilrain.  He reprised that role in 2003’s Gods and Generals. Other shows and films include Oz, 13 Days, The Black Donnellys, The Bronx is Burning, Funny Farm, Invincible, and The Good Wife.

Conway is survived by longtime partner Geraldine Newman.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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