Chabon Answers Fan Questions About Star Trek: Picard

Michael Chabon, Star Trek: Picard showrunner for the first season of the show, took some time to answer some fan questions regarding the series.

What’s the deal with Commodore Oh’s sunglasses? Everyone knows Vulcans have evolved and “inner eyelid” to protect them from the intense glare of their homeworld’s three suns!

Hmm. What, therefore, might we logically infer?

Is Raffi vaping? Please tell me Raffi is not vaping.

Raffi is using a traditional Orion “flashpipe” known as a horgl, employed for centuries on that world to sublimate the fleshy tendrils of an intoxicant plant known as horx, or, popularly, “snakeleaf.”

Even if people still use these things in 2399, shouldn’t they all be more, well, futuristic?

You know what? We actually thought about this a lot. When you are making a show that’s set in the future, you have to ask yourself constantly how people will be meeting daily needs and performing everyday tasks. One guiding principle is that some fundamental objects and tools evolve an ideal form – efficient, economical, comfortable, durable, practical, effective, useful – and afterward change very little, except as subject to fashion – which itself is often retrospective.

More questions and answers can be found Chabon’s Instagram page, including discussion about swearing and about cybernetics.

Source: Michael Chabon's Instagram Page

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