Stewart: Changes In Star Trek: Picard World

Sir Patrick Stewart returns as Jean-Luc Picard later this month in Star Trek: Picard, but this Picard will be a man changed by tragedy both in his life and at large.

One of the reasons Stewart took on the role was that it was not going to be a sequel to The Next Generation. “I think what we’re trying to say is important,” said Stewart. “The world of Next Generation doesn’t exist anymore. It’s different. Nothing is really safe. Nothing is really secure.”

“[Stewart] is uninterested in repeating himself,” said Alex Kurtzman. “Everything he does is filled with innate integrity. He fights for the things he believes in. And he’s very willing to collaborate once you’re on the same wavelength.”

When it comes to Star Trek: Picard, Stewart said that “we are remaining very faithful to Gene Roddenberry‘s notion of what the future might be like.”

But our world has changed since the time of The Next Generation and the new show will reflect that. “In a way, the world of Next Generation had been too perfect and too protected,” said Stewart. “It was the Enterprise. It was a safe world of respect and communication and care and, sometimes, fun.”

The Federation will be portrayed as more isolationist that it had been during the time of The Next GenerationStar Trek: Picard “was me responding to the world of Brexit and Trump and feeling, ‘Why hasn’t the Federation changed? Why hasn’t Starfleet changed?’ Maybe they’re not as reliable and trustworthy as we all thought.”

Source: Variety

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