Some New Star Trek: Picard Spoilers

For fans impatiently awaiting next week’s premiere on CBS All Access of Star Trek: Picard, TV Insider has a few details to enjoy.

Sir Patrick Stewart told fans that Picard was “a different man now.” The actor wanted “scenes that showed aspects of him you wouldn’t believe possible — irritability, rudeness, a short temper — growing out of frustration and disappointment.”

To add to his misery, Picard has been having dreams about Data, who died in Star Trek: Nemesis.

Dahj (Isa Briones) makes contact with Picard after someone tries to kill her. She “claims a mysterious connection to him,” said TV Insider, “and why she feels that way turns out to be a shocker that will lead once more into space.”

“Dahj is very smart, scrappy, and empathetic, but she feels lost,” said Briones. “Her relationship with Picard is interesting because, though she is the one who obviously needs [rescuing], they help each other.”

To help her, Picard “embarks on a search for a missing scientist involved in forbidden research. Rebuffed by the Federation for help, he turns to Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd), an estranged ex-colleague who’s a brilliant systems analyst and hacker.”

Stewart hints at a future romance with Raffi. “They worked together for the Federation very, very closely,” said Stewart. “She’s important to his mission; it could be more than that.”

But after an “appalling decision made during the Romulan evacuation,” Raffi is not exactly a Picard fan. “Raffi has a very complicated and deep relationship with [Jean-Luc],” said Hurd.”

Star Trek: Picard debuts in North America on Thursday, January 23.

Source: TV Insider

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