See Star Trek In Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl in the U.S. is not only famous for football, but for the commercials that air in-between the action. Even those who aren’t into the sport will often watch the commercials, which are now usually available online as well as during the big game.

One of the commercials from Walmart, called Famous Visitors, has a few Star Trek ships in it. In one such scene, customers and their goods are “beamed up.” There are also ships and scenes from other movies and cartoons, such as Star Wars, Toy Story, Mars Attacks, Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner, Flash Gordon, Arrival, Bill & Ted, and more.

The spot is advertising curbside pickup and shows various futuristic ships and aliens arriving to pick up their groceries.

“We’re excited to show tens of millions of viewers who tune into the ‘Big Game’ how our Pickup service can reinvent their shopping experience and add much-needed time back into their day,” said Janey Whiteside, Chief Customer Officer.

Source: Walmart YouTube Page

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