Yeoh In Holiday Romantic Comedy

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Michelle Yeoh has taken on the role of Santa in Universal Picture‘s romantic comedy Last Christmas.

In Last Christmas, which releases on Friday, “a young woman [Kate, played by Emilia Clarke] … has overcome a devastating illness but has yet to find her footing nearly a year after her life-saving surgery.”

Yeoh is the “the quirky Chinese émigré proprietress of the quaint shop who simply calls herself ‘Santa,’ because no one can pronounce her real name. She’s stern with Kate, whom she refers to simply as ‘Elf,’ but she also shows remarkable empathy, giving the serial screw-up employee endless second chances, even covering for her with the police when Kate leaves the doors unlocked one night, leaving the shop open to vandals.”

Last Christmas includes a “never-before-released George Michael song, This is How (We Want You to Get High), that may have fans reaching for their hankies.”

Source: Forbes

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