Star Trek Command Training Program For College Students

CBS Television Studios and the Television Academy Foundation announced a new Star Trek internship in 2020 as part of the Foundation‘s education programs.”

The internship is “open to undergraduate and graduate college students nationwide, [and] the Star Trek Command Training Program will champion the core values of inclusion, access, and opportunity.”

Two students will receive “a 360-degree immersion in the production process of the Star Trek Universe. Selected interns will be actively engaged in writers’ rooms, wardrobe design, on-set production, animation and post-production on Los Angeles-based programs.” They will earn up to $4,800.00 during the internship.

The program will take place during the 2020 summer semester. Once completed, “interns will join the Television Academy Foundation‘s Alumni Program and be eligible to participate in program and career support provided by the Foundation.”

Applications are being taken as of today and the application period will run through January 21, 2020.

To learn more about the program, head to the link located here.

Source: The Television Academy Foundation

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