Creating Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission

Next year, Sandbox VR will release the first Star Trek Holodeck VR experience called Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission.

In Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission VR Experience, “Away Mission warps you and your crew aboard the U.S.S. Discovery where you’ll be guided by Starfleet officer Sylvia Tilly. Your mission is to investigate a distress signal from a lost spaceship. Gear up on phasers and tricorders, explore an ice moon and locate the spaceship.”

Developer Michael Hampden spoke with Star about the game, letting fans know what to expect.

Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission is “all about giving Star Trek fans the chance to live out the fantasy of being part of an Away Team tasked with completing an important mission,” said Hampden. “In Away Mission, you’ll be beamed down to explore an unexplored alien planet and work with your friends to uncover clues and solve the mystery of a missing Federation Ship. You get to use iconic Starfleet equipment like the phaser and tricorder and encounter exciting challenges along the way. During the experience, you’ll be guided by fan favorite Sylvia Tilly of the U.S.S. Discovery (with Mary Wiseman reprising her role on the show).”

Hampden wants fans to know that the game will feel like Star Trek. “When we started to design Away Mission,” he said; “we wanted to be sure we created an authentic Star Trek experience. Throughout the design, writing, and development process, we worked very closely with the team from CBS to ensure the experience feels quintessentially Star Trek. We were also able to use assets from the TV series which makes everything feel that much more authentic. As one example, the sound effects you will hear throughout Away Mission are the same authentic sounds that you hear on the TV series. Finally, many of us on the development team are lifelong Star Trek fans and so the chance to bring this world to life inside VR was a dream come true for many of us. Early feedback we’ve had from some lucky fans who have had an early sneak peek at the experience tells us that we’ve managed to nail the feeling of being part of a Star Trek Away Team.”

Look for Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission in Hong Kong and San Francisco first, followed by New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and then other cities in 2020.


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