Wiseman: Tilly In Season Three

Yesterday, PaleyFest NY took place and TrekMovie was able to conduct an interview with Mary Wiseman, who spoke about what to expect from Tilly in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.

The character will be adjusting to moving forward in time almost a thousand years, and there will be emotional fallout for Tilly from that event, including being homesick and missing her mom, in spite of their sometimes contentious relationship.

As far as Starfleet goes, there will be changes too. Being away from the Command Training Program is “a bit unmooring,” said Wiseman. “She’s had this goal for a long time, and I think she still knows that she wants to serve, and she wants to be of use for Starfleet, but what that means in the future is a little bit up in the air. So she’s going to have to start finding her own way and looking for guidance wherever she can get it.”

But not all will be grim in the new season, will it? “Tilly always is having fun; she likes to keep it fun,” said Wiseman. “But she’ll also get moments of, I don’t know, something more serious, something deeper. But she always loves a party, she loves a group activity. So definitely you’ll get to see her have a little fun and break out of her comfort zone a bit.”

Source: TrekMovie

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