Peck And Romijn Answer Fan Questions

In a short video at Star, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn answered several fan questions about Star Trek.

“What kind of technology present in the Star Trek universe would be most useful for you nowadays,” they were asked.

Giving an answer that surely many Trek fans would have given, Peck said, “Teleporting.”

“Teleporting,” said Romijn. “Traffic. L.A. Traffic. If you could just beam me in, CBS.”

“I can’t say the amount of times that I wish I could just say ‘energize’ and just end up somewhere,” said Peck.

Another question was, “If you could actually enlist in Starfleet would you? [And in] what position/division?”

“I for sure would [enlist], said Peck.

“I would probably be on the design team, said Romijn.

More topics are covered in the video and you’ll have to watch it to see what alien races Romijn and Peck would choose to be if they were in a real Trek universe. One of the answers is quite surprising!

The video can be seen here.


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