Nichelle Nichols Renegades Farewell Show Figure

A new limited-edition Nichelle Nichols figure can now be pre-ordered.

Currently in production, The Nichelle Nichols Renegades Farewell Show Figure will be limited to 2001 figures; three hundred signed ones and 1701 unsigned ones.

The figure is being sculptured by Ryan Lesser. Andre Siregar is responsible for the art.

The Nichols figure features Nichols “gloriously dressed as a Renegade with an ode to her role in the Mirror Mirror episode” of the original series.

During the pre-order phase, the signed figure will cost $125.00 (normal price $150.00) and the unsigned figure will cost $35.00 (normal price $40.00).

To pre-order your Uhura figure, head to the link located here for U.S. purchasers, and here for non-U.S. purchasers.

The links for the unsigned figures can be found at the bottom of this page.

Source: AtomiCon LLC Press Release

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