Star Trek Timelines: Mudd Amuck!

The October Mega-Event from Star Trek Timelines includes everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Harry Mudd.

“Time crystals in the hands of Mudd are a recipe for havoc and disaster you will have to stop at nothing to get them back.

“During these events, you will encounter, and receive the assistance of new variants of Pike, Owosekun, Po, Burnham, and Saru. It will also be the opportunity for a first contact with Vina and the mysterious Ba’ul.”

The schedule of events for the Mega-Event is listed below:

  • Faction Event Crime of Last Century – 10/03
  • Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event One Step Behind – 10/10
  • Skirmish Event When Words Fail – 10/17
  • Faction Event Everywhere At Once – 10/24

The Discovery crew will “provide event bonuses throughout the Mega-Event.”

Source: Disruptor Beam

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