Women Of Star Trek FanSets Pin Set

Next month, at Star Trek Las Vegas, FanSets will have one hundred sets of their “Women of Star Trek” pin sets for attendees.

The pin set includes: Beverly Crusher, Lt. Uhura, Kira Nerys, Kathryn Janeway, T’Pol, Michael Burnham, the Borg Queen, Edith Keeler (The City on the Edge of Forever), and Deanna Troi. Click on thumbnail at left to see larger image.

After STLV, these sets will “be available on our site on a ‘pre-order’ basis, manufactured to demand, until August 31st. These will ship October 1st.” This is good news for those of us who can’t make SDCC, STLV or the New York conventions.

As of August 31, the glitter editions of these initial nine designs will be retired.

“In the future, these designs will be released for individual purchase but the pins will be manufactured without glitter. The glitter editions are only available as part of the MasterSet.”

The ten-piece glitter pins, backer, and frame MasterSet will sell for $225.00 plus shipping.

The Star Trek Las Vegas exclusive Uhura pin will sell for $25.00, or $20.00 with the purchase of a MasterSet with a limit of one per day per customer.

If you don’t see your favorite Trek woman here, don’t despair. Up to eight new Women of Trek pins will be produced each year.

Source: FanSets

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