Star Trek: Lower Decks Won’t Be Like Rick And Morty

The new animated Star Trek series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, may have been developed by Mike McMahan, but don’t expect it to be “Rick and Morty decked out in Starfleet Uniforms.”

In an interview with, McMahan explained that the show was “very dissimilar to Rick and Morty. I’d say that the only thing that it has a similarity to of Rick and Morty‘s writing style is that the characters we’re allowed to be funny people. I love how many jokes are in Rick and Morty per minute. Some people on the Internet try to count them.

“We’re trying to fit a whole Star Trek episode into a twenty-to-twenty-three-minute format that involves a whole macro sci-fi story and two emotional stories that we’re tracking with our leads all throughout. So we do have the accelerated pace of a Rick and Morty. I’d say that Star Trek: Lower Decks is going to feel like the one act of another Star Trek show where everything is happening, and stuff is really moving. That’s like us from the first scene until the last scene.”

Expect to see an “accelerated kind of chaotic, fun version of a Star Trek show,” said McMahan. “On Lower Decks, it’s more about that optimistic Starfleet kind of emotional intelligence. Where Rick and Morty is fun and dark and nihilistic and it’s about the multiverse, Star Trek is really about exploring our galaxy and where does humanity aspire to be, both technologically, which is the easy thing, but also socially and with our politics and how we’re treating the other out in space.”


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