New STICK-UPZ Trek-Themed Stickers

STICK-UPZ, which makes officially-licensed reusable stickers, has added more Star Trek-themed stickers.

The new sticker sets include an Enterprise set (as seen in Discovery), a Section 31 set, a new addition to the life-sized Trek character stickers, and a life-sized USS Enterprise Dedication Plaque.

The Star Trek Enterprise STICK-UPZ features two sheets of stickers. Included are Pike and Number One, and the Enterprise, plus other stickers. To order this set, which costs $5.99, head to the link located here.

The Star Trek Section 31 STICK-UPZ set also features two sheets per pack, and will also cost $5.99. This set features Georgiou and Tyler, and other Section 31 stickers. Order it here.

Next up is the Saru Life-Size Wall STICK-UPZ. Over six feet tall, the Saru Life-Size Wall STICK-UPZ joins three other Discovery characters already out; Burnham, Pike, and Spock. To order your Saru sticker, head to the link located here. Cost for the Saru STICK-UPZ is $59.99.

Finally, the U.S.S. Enterprise Dedication Plaque STICK-UPZ is also available. It is an “actual-size Dedication Plaque replica” and it will sell for $19.99. Get yours here.

Source: STICK-UPZvia The Trek Collective

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