Love, Antosha Soundtrack Features Songs Written By Yelchin

The soundtrack for the forthcoming Love, Antosha documentary features original songs “written and performed by [Anton] Yelchin and his punk band, the Hammerheads.”

In a clip from The Hollywood Reporter, which can be seen below, the Hammerheads share memories of Yelchin. “Every time he came over, he brought about three songs with him, and he would play them three different ways,” said one of Hammerheads‘ members. “It doesn’t matter how good you are, literally when you get together and share creativity in that way, something happens. We’re like a unit.”

The soundtrack to Love, Antosha is available today, in digital form (iTunes) or as a CD.

Love, Antosha the documentary will debut in Los Angeles on August 2 and in New York on August 9.

To listen to one of the songs, head to the link located here. The list of songs can be found here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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