App-Enabled Tribbles From Science Division

For fans that love Tribbles and would like one that really trills and shrieks when detecting loathsome Klingons, the App-Enabled Star Trek Interactive Tribble from Science Division is for you.

“Beginning on July 24, 2019, the latest in Tribble technology will be available for pre-sale on Science Division LLC‘s website, located here. The company will debut the Tribbles at the Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 convention from July 31st to August 4th. Attendees will be able to interact in person with one of the fandom’s favorite furry characters, and to test out the app to see how it works. Special pre-sale incentives, including convention-exclusive offerings, are available for a limited time. Visit the company’s website for more details.

Science Division Tribbles come with three operating modes:

  • At Ease “In At Ease, Tribbles trill and vibrate when you pick them up. They continue to trill, even when you aren’t moving them. At Ease mode enables your Tribble to be truly alive, with varied trill and vibration patterns, both in response to interaction, and without any interaction at all. When left alone, your Tribble will continue to trill, but will do so less frequently to avoid irritating its human companion.
  • On Duty: “In On Duty mode, your Tribble will determine if it is in the hands of an ally or a Klingon each time that it moves, by either cooing or [shrieking] accordingly.
  • Watchdog: “In Watchdog mode, you can leave your Tribble on top of an object that you want it to guard. If someone picks that object up, your Tribble will [shriek] to alert you.”

“Once the Tribbles ship, customers will be able to download the free Section K-7 app to join a covert operation (Section K-7), tasked with seeking out disguised Klingons with anti-Federation sentiment. The app allows you to communicate with your Tribble or Tribbles. You can name them, assign them modes, change their volume, choose which ship they are assigned to, and even prank your friends by triggering your Tribble to [shriek] at them. The app is not required for interaction with the Tribbles.

“The App-Enabled Interactive Tribbles began as a living room science experiment, undertaken by Co-Owners/Co-Founders Jay and Kayleigha Zawacki.

“‘I made a Tribble because I wanted a Tribble,’ says Co-Owner/Co-Founder Kayleigha Zawacki. ‘Then people started telling us they wanted one, too. We decided to go for it. We are committed to creating the best possible Tribbles, made by fans for fans.’

Science Division expects Tribbles to begin beaming to customers in early 2020.” The first 1,500 fans to adopt a Tribble will receive a hand-signed, hand-serialized 5 x 7 Tribble Registration Certificate.”

The Star Trek App-Enabled Interactive Tribble will cost $59.99.

Source: Press Release

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