Shatner Is A New Spokesperson For SoClean

The ever-busy William Shatner has added one more job to his many; he has been announced as a spokesperson/ambassador for the SoClean company.

SoClean is “the creator of the world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.” Instead of having to wash CPAP components by hand, those who own the SoClean can just drop their components into the SoClean and it does all of the work.

So why Shatner? Mr. Shatner suffers from sleep apnea himself.

“When identifying a celebrity spokesperson, it was important to us to partner with someone whose CPAP experience had really improved as a result of the SoClean,” said Dean Marcelli, CMO of SoClean. “Mr. Shatner is an ideal SoClean spokesperson and ambassador because he can speak authentically about his enthusiasm for the SoClean, helping us reach more CPAP users around the world.

A commercial for SoClean featuring Shatner can be seen below.

Source: SoClean

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