Nimoy Wanted To Die With Dignity

Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy, in the end stages of COPD, asked for help in ending his life.

Nimoy’s widow Susan Bay, in an interview with Inside Edition, explained that Nimoy wished to be released from this “terrible” illness.

“You cannot catch your breath,” she said, explaining the effects of the disease. “[Nimoy] couldn’t go out. For him to go from the parking lot to the movie theater, forget it.

Nimoy “didn’t want to be confined to a wheelchair and not able to breathe.”

So Nimoy asked for help from his nurses, which was provided. “They keep adding a little more morphine over the period,” said Bay. “He was in such a compromised situation that it did not take long.”

“I believe in dying with dignity,” said Bay. “Leonard believed…in dying with dignity.”

Source: Inside Edition

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