Star Trek: Discovery Stick-Upz Stickers

Some Trek-themed Stick-Upz stickers might be of interest to Star Trek: Discovery fans.

The officially-licensed Star Trek Discovery Stick-Upz Series 1 of stickers is now available for fans.

The two packs of removable stickers feature Michael Burnham, the USS Discovery, a USS Discovery dedication plaque, a Discovery Admiral’s badge, a smaller USS Discovery, Saru, a Disco sticker, a Star Trek Discovery sticker, and a USS Discovery assignment patch sticker.

The set of two pages will cost $5.99 and can be ordered here.

And more will be coming, including Killy Tilly, a Mirror Universe emblem, a Section 31 patch sticker, a USS Enterprise sticker, a Georgiou and a Pike sticker.

Click on thumbnail for full-sized picture.


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