Trek-Themed Leggings From Wild Bangarang

A new Trek-themed line of apparel from the UK’s Wild Bangarang has been released.

The line includes The Next Generation-themed leggings and crop tops, Star Trek Juan Ortiz Poster Leggings, a Star Trek Kobayashi Maru Vest Crop Top, a Star Trek Starfleet Vest Crop Top, and a Star Trek Official Logo Mini-Skirt.

The leggings and tops come in sizes from XXS to 3XL. A size chart can be found at Wild Bangarang’s website.

The cost for a pair of leggings is $39.71, while the crop tops will sell for either $26.37 or $23.17. The mini-skirt will sell for $29.78.

To get yours, head over to the link located here.

Over at TrekMovie, they are offering a discount (fifteen percent) as well as a giveaway for a set of The Next Generation leggings and crop top.

Source: Wild Bangarangvia TrekMovie

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