Starships Update From Eaglemoss

Fans of the Eaglemoss Starships Collection will be glad to hear that more starships have been announced.

Here is the list of forthcoming ships:

  • Issue #145: Nightingale (Voyager: Nightingale)
  • Issue #146: The Fesarius (original series’ The Corbomite Maneuver)
  • Issue #147: Baran’s Raider (The Next Generation: The Gambit)
  • Issue #148: Dominion Battleship
  • Issue #149: Krenim Warship
  • Issue #150: USS Antares (Deep Space Nine: Favor the Bold)
  • Issue #151: Bomar Patrol Ship (Voyager: The Raven)

More images, some courtesy of Hero Collector, can be found at the referring site.

Source: The Trek Collective

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