New Picard Show Not Star Trek: Picard

Hanelle Culpepper, who will be directing the new Star Trek show starring Sir Patrick Stewart, has stated that the new Picard show will not be called Star Trek: Picard. Plus: Other Picard show news.

Yesterday, Twitter user La pelada de Picard #MMLPQTP tweeted to Culpepper saying “So, according to your filmography Star Trek: Picard is the title.”

“That’s not the official title,” replied Culpepper; “just a placeholder for me.”

On Tuesday, Culpepper told another fan that there was no premiere date set yet for the show, even though CBS said that the show will premiere later this year.

As for appearances by former The Next Generation actors? “My lips are sealed until the premiere,” said Culpepper.

Tonight’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, Red Angel, was directed by Culpepper. She directed last year’s Vaulting Ambition episode.

Source: Hanelle Culpepper's Twitter feedvia La pelada de Picard #MMLPQT's Twitter feed

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