New Gorn Mask

Halloween may be more than half a year away, but it’s never too early to be thinking of this year’s costume.

Trick or Treat Studios has announced a new mask for Trek fans, Star Trek – Gorn Mask.

The popular character is “a perfect replica of the mask worn by the Gorn in the original Star Trek episode Arena, in which Captain Kirk fights an unnamed Gorn on a rocky planet. The fight scene has become one the best-remembered scenes of the original series, in part due to the slow and lumbering movement of the Gorn and Captain Kirk’s response to the Gorn.”

The Star Trek – Gorn Mask was sculpted by Chris Gallaher, and will be shipped in August or September. Cost for the mask will be $49.99.

To pre-order your Star Trek – The Gorn Mask, head to the link located here.

Also for sale by Trick or Treat Studios are several other Trek masks: Captain Kirk, Spock, and Balok. If you’re looking for Vulcan ears, Trick or Treat Studios sells those as well.

Source: Trick Or Treat Studios

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