Star Trek Alien Domain Incursion Launches

“Today GameSamba announces the official launch of the highly anticipated game, Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion.”

The game is a sequel to Star Trek: Alien Domain which debuted four years ago. Here is the description of the new game: “The story evolves in Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion, as players find themselves on the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole, in the Gamma Quadrant. Players will have the option to join either the United Federation of Planets or the Dominion, a military superpower indigenous to the Gamma Quadrant. Both factions must not only face each other, but also must prepare to face 8472’s forces from Fluidic Space.

Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion features fierce competitions between squadrons: groups of players battling their rivals for control of vital resources. Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion also features larger fleets than the original Star Trek: Alien Domain.

“Fans and players will be able to enjoy both sides of the Bajoran Wormhole with the Flash Player-based Star Trek: Alien Domain and HTML5 based Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion!”

The official trailer for the game can be found below. To play the game, head to the official game site located here.

Source: Press Release

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