Shatner Returning To The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour

For those of you who missed William Shatner‘s last two appearances at James Cawley‘s Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, N.Y.; mark your calendars for June 7-8.

Shatner will again be available for autographs, photo ops, and will host various special events.

Ticket prices for adults range from $22.50 for a set tour without Shatner, to $1,400 for an “Admiral Package” which includes a “pizza-and-beer sitdown and more.

Here are the options for those planning to attend:

  • $1400.00 Admiral’s Package. Pizza and beer sitdown, photo op, autograph, William Shatner Live on Stage, Captain on the Bridge Q&A, Shatner-led tour of the Enterprise set.
  • $1000.00 Captain’s Inspection Tour. All of the above except the Q&A and the beer-and-pizza sitdown.
  • $499.00 Captain on the Bridge. Tour with Cawley’s staff, photo op with Shatner, Shatner’s autograph, William Shatner Live on Stage, intimate in-the-round Q&A on the Bridge.
  • $86.00 Tour and Live on Stage. Regular tour with Cawley’s staff, admission to William Shatner Live on Stage.
  • $86.00 Photo Opportunity. Professional photograph with Shatner.
  • $80.00 Autograph. Shatner Autograph.
  • $22.50 Weekend Set Tour. Regular Set Tour (no Shatner).
  • $11.00 Weekend Set Tour Child (5-13). Regular Tour children’s price.

Head here to purchase any of the eight options.

Source: The Washington Timesvia Star Trek The Tour

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