More Trek Products Seen At Toy Fair 2019

More photos of Trek-themed toys and other items were posted today by both TrekCore and TrekMovie, who had representatives at the event, which took place last weekend.

Factory Entertainment, a new Star Trek licensee, showed off its Kuzo-branded die-cast metal sculptures. The tiny sculptures, which are around three inches tall and which will cost around $10.00 each, include a Discovery phaser, Captain Kirk’s command chair, the Nomad probe from The Changeling, and a Horta from The Devil in the Dark.

Also on display were vinyl figures from Factory Entertainment’s Revos line. The figures include Captain Kirk, and the Gorn from Arena. These will cost $15.00 each.

Pet lovers will enjoy Factory Entertainment‘s Pawzplay line of plush dog dolls. The dog dolls are based on Kirk, Uhura, Picard, and Data.

Other products not seen but promised for the future will include Trek-themed desktop environments, a wine stopper, and bottle openers.

QMx had Star Trek: Discovery badges for sale. The magnetic-backed badges come with a mini badge and will sell from $19.95. Look for the Discovery Mirror Universe Command, Science, and Ops Badges.

Round 2 was at Toy Fair 2019, where they displayed four of their Snapit line of ship models. These models require no glue. The ships were a 1:2500 USS-Enterprise-D, a 1:1000 scale NX-01 from Enterprise, a 1:1000 scale USS Grissom and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock), and a 1:2500 USS Discovery.

WizKids had a brand-new game to show, Star Trek Conflick in the Neutral Zone. This game “utilizes discs that players flick to move around a gameboard.” Expect this game in June.

Finally, how about a new Borg cube insulated lunch tote? No word yet on when it will come out or what it will cost, but it looks pretty cool. TrekToday will update readers with details when they become available.

Source: TrekCorevia TrekMovie

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