Eaglemoss Starships And A Subscriber Survey

Eaglemoss has released new images of V’Ger and two of its forthcoming Discovery ships, which will be issues ten and eleven.

V’Ger is due out later this month, and as with all of the ships, a magazine featuring the ship will be sent to purchasers as well.

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Next up are two Discovery ships, a Klingon Qoj class, and a Magee class USS Shran.

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Also – for those who are long-term subscribers of the Starships Collection, look for a survey in your email. The survey will ask subscribers about continuing the series, and specifically names twenty different ships that might be included.

The ships are: Hierarchy ship, Kazon mothership, SS Lakul, Night ship, Ktarian ship, Excelsior prototype III, Husnock warship, Suliban freighter, Vidiian ship (Deadlock), Karemma ship, Talarian warship, Orion interceptor, Pakled ship Mondor, Think Tank, Kreetassan ship, Tarellian ship, Tamarian deep space cruiser, Sheliak colony ship, Axanar cargo ship, and Pralor ship.

Source: The Trek Collective

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