Cruz And Rapp On Season Two Of Discovery

Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp spoke about inclusiveness and Season Two in an interview with Marie Moore of Eurweb. Mild spoilers for those going totally spoiler-free for Discovery.

While Star Trek: Discovery is inclusive, Cruz thinks that there could be more done in this regard. “Yes [we’re inclusive], but we can always be more inclusive,” he said. “We as a company are uber aware of the fact that representation does matter and we want to see more diversity on our show. There’s always room for more, however.”

That attitude of inclusiveness makes it easier for the two actors to portray a gay couple. “One of the famous quotes that I said last year was never hide who you are,” said Rapp. “Be yourself fully and stand by what you believe in.”

The discussion turned to Season Two and what viewers can expect. “We promised you guys an epic love story last season,” said Cruz. “And we’re doing our best to deliver that, for sure.”

“The writing that we’re being presented never takes an easy road and never feels clichéd,” said Rapp.

“I really think people are going to be blown away by this season,” said Cruz. “The writing has been spectacular this season and incredibly challenging.”

Source: Eurweb

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