2020 Star Trek Calendars

2019 is just underway, but already there is news about the Star Trek calendars for 2020.

There will be eight different calendars this year, six for the U.S. and two for German fans. The US offerings include: The Star Trek 16-Month Klingon Calendar for 2020, the Star Trek 2020 Daily Calendar, The Star Trek The Next Generation Poster Art Calendar, The TOS Calendar, the Star Trek Discovery Calendar, and a Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar.

The German Star Trek calendars include the Star Trek 2020 Calendar (TOS), and a TOS-themed Postkartenkalendar (postcard calendar).

The Star Trek 16-Month Calendar is expected to include Klingons from all “live-action” Trek series.

The Star Trek 2020 Daily Calendar will feature color images for each day instead of various quotes from Star Trek.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Poster Art Calendar will feature retro prints from Juan Ortiz. The artwork in this calendar was “inspired by episodes” from the first three seasons of TNG. The pages are “perforated top and bottom for easy removal and framing.”

The front cover for the TOS Calendar features the Gorn from Arena, a fan-favorite. The photos included come from Arena, The Cloud Minders, The Trouble with Tribbles, Miri, The Cage, The Naked Time, The Man Trap, Mirror Mirror, I Mudd, The Ultimate Computer, Plato’s Stepchildren, and Balance of Terror.

The Star Trek Discovery Calendar will feature images from Season One, plus promotional images from Season Two.

And finally for U.S. fans, the Star Trek Ships of the Line 2020 Calendar is a horizontally-formatted calendar. One of the thumbnails included in this article shows the ships, including the Enterprise!


Source: The Trek Collective

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