Star Trek-themed Let’s Make A Deal Show

On February 4 at 10 AM, Let’s Make a Deal will feature a special Star Trek version of the show.

The Star Trek Let’s Make a Deal show will have Trek costumes, props, and official Star Trek prizes; and will feature a special guest appearance by Mary Chieffo (Discovery‘s L’Rell).

Let’s Make a Deal executive producer  Mike Richards spoke about the special episode, which will air on CBS. “The reason the Star Trek episode is so exciting for us is because this is the first time we’ve ever incorporated a specific pop culture ‘brand’ into our show,” he said. “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and Star Trek: Discovery was the perfect partner to start with.

“The Star Trek team was an absolute joy to work with. They gave us access to props, costumes, and a wealth of knowledge about the series. On our end, the Let’s Make a Deal team had a great time coming up with deals that would fit into the Trek universe and adapting some of our current games to be played through a Star Trek lens. I think fans of both shows will really enjoy what we came up with, and it’s definitely a type of special that we would love to do again in the future.”

Look for some Klingon language to be spoken in the episode.

Source: Deadline

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