Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx Game

Fans of the Fluxx game who are ‘Niners will be pleased to hear that a Deep Space Nine version of the game will be arriving either this spring or in early summer.

Here is the description for the game. “Explore the farthest reaches of the universe in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx! Work alongside Benjamin Sisko, Quark, Jadzia Dax, Worf and all your other favorite space station personnel while you try to gather Gold-Pressed Latinum and study the Wormhole. But watch out for nasty Surprises and Creepers like the Founders and the Jem’Hadar.”

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx Game will sell for a MSRP of $20.00 and will probably be available on Amazon, where an original series and a The Next Generation version of the game are already available.

Source: Looney Labs

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