Star Trek 4 Shelved Permanently?

Last year, it appeared that Star Trek 4 was on track to be filmed, with S.J. Clarkson, who would have been the first female to direct a Star Trek movie, tapped to direct it.

Then came the casting woes, with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth balking at new deals which would have had them take pay cuts. The actors had deals in place already, but the studios wanted to cut costs.

Now comes the news that Clarkson will be the pilot director and an executive producer on HBO‘s first Game of Thrones spinoff, which is set thousands of years before the original. The pilot episode is expected to be filmed later this year.

According to Deadline “Clarkson was recruited by HBO for GOT after she recently became available. Earlier this year, Clarkson was the first female director to be tapped to direct a Star Trek movie when she was hired to helm the fourth feature in the current series. That project has since been shelved.”

So it would appear that Star Trek 4 is history.

Source: io9via Deadline

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