Stewart Picard Series in 2019

Trek fans eager to see the new Picard series starring Sir Patrick Stewart now have a better idea of when the series will begin airing.

David Nevins, chief creative officer for CBS Corporation, gave a forty-five minute keynote speech yesterday at UBS‘s Annual Global Media and Communications Conference in New York.

During the speech, Nevins touched upon Star Trek; mentioning both Star Trek: Discovery and the new Picard series, but he did not address Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Star Trek: Discovery season two is in a great place,” Nevins said. “And there is huge anticipation for Picard. That will [premiere] at the end of the year. And we’re doing these Star Trek short films in between.”

Speaking of Star Trek: Short Treks, The Brightest Star, a short story about Saru on his home planet, will debut tomorrow night at 9:30 PM ET on CBS All Access.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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