Sirtis: Back To The U.K. For A New Project

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis went from Los Angeles to Bridlington, U.K. (Yorkshire) to take on a role in the pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Sirtis, who will be away from home for three months, is taking on the role of the Empathic Fairy.

“This is only my fourth pantomime,” she said. “In the mid ’80s, I was in Snow White in Doncaster, but I didn’t do any more until about five years ago.

“I have played the wicked queen in L.A. twice, but for American audiences, it is not part of their culture. They only understand that they have to boo the wicked queen but not much else.”

“People think that because I live in America, I wouldn’t be interested in doing panto, but I really am,” Sirtis added.

Sirtis, who was unfamiliar with Bridlington, had to look it up on a map. “I knew it was in Yorkshire but I had to look it up on a map,” she said. “I would love to come back to Bridlington and see it in the summer when it is not cold and grey. I have already had some fish and mushy peas – not chips because I am cutting down on carbs.

“The people here are so friendly. It is very different to London. I went into a shop the other days for a few bits but I was in there ages because everybody is talking.”

The actress was also impressed with the theater in Bridlington. “I didn’t expect such a gorgeous theater in Bridlington but it is a brilliant venue with brilliant staff and a lovely atmosphere.”

Jack and the Beanstalk runs through January 6 at Bridlington Spa.

“Come and see it,” said Sirtis. “We have got some really talented people in the show.”

Source: Bridlington Free Press

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