Cho’s Positive Attitude About Star Trek 4

While promoting his latest film, Searching, John Cho spoke briefly on his hopes regarding Star Trek 4.

Star Trek 4 hit a roadblock last summer when Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth rejected the studio’s attempt to lower their salaries. The actors already had deals in place and they insisted that the studios keep their part of those deals. That did not happen and so progress on Star Trek 4 came to a halt.

Cho believes that it is important to make Star Trek 4, and part of his reasoning is personal. “I sadly don’t have any news for you,” he said, when asked about progress on the film. “I wish I [had] more for you there though.

“I don’t know what the ins and outs at the studio are but I am optimistic there will be another one because I’m optimistic about what Star Trek says and its place in our culture and I think it will come back around. I think it’s an important part of American popular culture that speaks to America’s best impulses and I think that there will always be a place for Star Trek films and I just hope to be in it and there isn’t another totally different group of people!

“I’m bullish about it, and honestly, for personal reasons, I suppose the last film has a cloud over it, losing Anton [Yelchin] after the last one and for me it would be important personally to make one more at least. I think it would alleviate that part of us a little bit to make at least one more.”

Source: The Playlist

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