New Star Trek Silver Miniature From New Zealand Mint

The third in a series of Star Trek 150g silver miniatures has been announced by the New Zealand Mint.

Previous releases included Captain James T. Kirk, and the USS Enterprise.

“This third Star Trek pure silver miniature features the iconic half-human, half-Vulcan, Commander Spock. Designed by 3D master sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, there is a limited worldwide production of only one thousand casts.

“With a guaranteed minimum 150g pure silver, the sculpt is finished with an antique silver polish. It is approximately ten centimeters tall and the silver purity, CBS copyright and unique production number are detailed on the base.

“It includes a separate base which features a metal plate confirming the name, series number, unique production number and New Zealand Mint authentication.

“The miniature is encased in black velvet inside a high-quality Star Trek-branded case – making this a stunning and highly desirable collectible. Get this one before it’s too late.”

The cost for the Star Trek: Commander Spock 150g Silver Miniature is $550.00. International delivery is free.

To order the Spock miniature, head to the link located here.

Click on thumbnail to see larger image.

Source: The New Zealand Mint

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