Mount And Peck On Trek

In another interview conducted at last weekend’s New York Comic Con, TrekCore interviewed Star Trek: Discovery newcomers Anson Mount (Pike) and Ethan Peck (Spock).

Both were excited to be on Discovery, especially Peck. “Are you kidding me? It’s Star Trek,” he said. It’s like…this is the longest on the job where I’ve still felt surreal [about the experience]. You know, like every day. Literally, every day I’ll be on the set, and I’ll look around, and I’ll be like, ‘I’m on fucking Star Trek!'”

“I said that three times yesterday,” said Mount. “It is so surreal. And I mean, the amount of work that goes into creating these sets that are just utter masterpiece…the attention to detail is just unparalleled, in my opinion.”

Mount admitted that he had been a fan since childhood. “Yeah, we’d play Star Trek,” he said. “We’d take our turn playing who would get to play Kirk and Spock.”

When it comes to playing Spock, Peck did some homework before stepping in front of the camera. “[I studied] Nimoy specifically,” he said. “[I] definitely tried to internalize what I saw on screen and what he’s doing. There’s a musicality to his voice, the way he speaks. I definitely tried to capture the spirit of him, and then, you know, transpose it into the material I’ve been given, which is very different.”

And what about that relationship with Michael Burnham? “It’s very complex, and not in the most easy way,” said Peck.

Mount also spoke about the Burnham-Spock relationship. “There’s a moment in the first episode of the season, where I’m talking to Burnham – she has questions about where Spock is – and I mention a little bit about what he’s been going through. At a certain point, she asks me what it’s all about, and I say, ‘[He] didn’t want to talk to me.’

“There’s just so much packed into that one line. [Spock] didn’t want to share with me. He didn’t want to tell me. Rather than, ‘I ordered him and he ignored it,’ or ‘He didn’t come to my office…’ There’s a real friendship at work here.”

“And I think that illuminates the dignity of Spock, too,” said Peck. “He sort of hides his shame from someone that he respects and admires.”

Source: TrekCore

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