The Planetary Post With Robert Picardo: Rocket Launches

It’s a new month and time for a new edition of The Planetary Post.

This time, Robert Picardo is in Scotland to do a play, so MaryLiz Bender, who works at The Planetary Society, is guest hosting the monthly special, which this month features rocket launches.

Bender saw the first SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, and other launches including Bangabandhu-1, the nighttime launch of Telstar 19V, and the Parker Solar Probe launch.

Plus, The Planetary Society is holding a sweepstakes via Omaze where the winner and a friend will have the chance to join Bill Nye for lunch and the launch of the LightSail 2 spacecraft, which launches on SpaceX Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world.

The winner will also attend a VIP dinner for The Planetary Society alongside fellow space explorers. The prize also includes being flown to Florida and lodging in a four-star hotel.

The Bill Nye Omaze campaign is in aid of The Planetary Society. The sweepstakes runs through September 27 11:59 PST (8:59 EST) and the winner will be announced on or about October 11. The sweepstakes is open to all except residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Malta, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, or Thailand.

The full details of the sweepstakes can be found here.

Source: The Planetary Post

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