Star Trek Adventures: The Operations Division Rulebook

Fans of Modiphius Entertainment‘s Star Trek Adventure roleplaying game can now pre-order The Operations Division Supplemental Rulebook, the second book in the series. The Command Division was released recently, and The Science Division Supplemental Rulebook will arrive next year, completing the trilogy of books.

“The Operations Division Supplemental Rulebook provides gamemasters and players with a wealth of new material for characters and campaigns that focus on security and engineering. It covers material on the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Starfleet Intelligence, and even the elusive Section 31, with new character options and NPCs. Players will also find a diverse selection of technology with which to equip their characters, as well as details on larger systems. It also contains new rules for miniatures combat, developed from the 2d20 System rules for a skirmish game using the range of Star Trek Adventures miniatures and game tiles.

Chris McCarver (Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook) leads the book’s writing team with Andrew Peregrine (Dr. Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Firefly Roleplaying Game), Jack Geiger (Scarred Lands, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG), John Snead (Blue Rose, Eclipse Phase, Mindjammer), and Sam Webb (Star Trek Adventures).”

Star Trek Adventure: The Operations Division Supplemental Rulebook will be released in November and can be pre-ordered at and at local game stores. It will cost $34.99.


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